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Software :  C4D | Redshift | Procreate

Role :  Director | Concept Artist | Modeler | Animator

Team Size :  1 ( Solo Project )

Project Duration :  Work in Progress 

Ambivert Animatic ( )


The theme of Ambivert is personality cognition. I boldly try to use an experimental animation to present

an ambivert's exploration of her personality. The film contains plenty of metaphors and symbols, such as flowers ready to bloom and dancing butterflies representing introverts and extroverts. This is not only an animation technique practice, but also a deeper digging of my own heart.


We know that people are divided into introverts and extroverts according to their personality, but few people have heard the middle character called ambivert. Perhaps some people think this is an abnormal state, but I think it is this dual character that can help us to do better in getting along with others.

Mood Board

Dance Reference - Polina Semionova


After the fusion of orange and blue genes, a female character called ambivert was born. She curiously explored the world with a gentle dance step, and learned more about herself in the interaction with the floating flowers and fluttering butterflies along the way. She danced through the crowd of people who hurried forward covered with the black cloth, and attracted them to stop. Under the gaze of everyone,

She finished the dance, quietly ending with her true appearance.

Orange represents extroversion and blue represents introversion

DNA Pipeline

The ambivert can let flowers bloom and let butterflies stop dancing in the air

( It shows that she is both a great talker and a great listener in different situations )

One of ambivert's iris is blue and the other is orange

Working Process


Interactive Photorealistic Rendering

Butterflies and Flowers

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