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Auto Vehicle Rig

Software :  Maya | Python | PyQt | PyMel

Role :  Technical Artist | Programmer

Team Size :  1 ( Solo Project )

Project Duration :  6 Weeks

Auto Vehicle Rig ( )


In my work, I need to bind a large number of vehicle models. To save time on repetitive work, I decided to write a Maya plugin to help me get things done quickly. This plugin needs to be able to deal with complex vehicle models, and the rigged models must be ready for games.

Working Process


This was my first attempt to write a plugin, for which I taught myself Python and Maya Commands Library. At the beginning, I just planned to write a few simple scripts to implement each step of rigging operations, but then I decided to give users more customization. So I went on to learn PyQt and add a graphical user interface for my scripts, eventually turned them into a complete plugin. In this project, I encountered many troubles. Sometimes I read a lot of documents just to solve a small problem. At the end, I summarized those problems into a document for future reference.

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