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Mascot Design

Software :  Maya | C4D | Substance Designer | Arnold | Photoshop

Role :  Modeler | Texture Artist | Rigging Artist

Team Size :  2 ( Cooperation )

Project Duration :  2 Months

Mascot Poster


In order to strengthen TuSimple’s brand identity and enhance corporate cohesion, I was assigned the task of upgrading the corporate mascot. TuSimple’s original mascot was a cute white bear. Considering the company's business direction, we decided to select three keywords as the guideline of our redesign: safe, technological, and friendly. We retained its obvious features, modified part of the body proportions, and added more details to make the appearance more fashionable and delicate. 

Working Process

Model V.1 based on original appearance

Our New Design Draft


Model V.2 Four View

Render View

Poster Design

Making of


Concept Vehicle Look Development

Other Design

Related Products


This project allowed me to fully participate in an IP upgrade process. In this process, I obtained a deeper understanding of the popular toy design trend and discovered the aesthetic preference of young people. As a result, the new mascot appearance and its derivatives become very popular among colleagues, which gave me great encouragement.

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