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Software :  MetaHuman Creator | UE4 | Maya | Marvelous Designer | Substance Painter | Substance Designer

Role :  Designer | Modeler | Texture Artist | Lighting Artist

Team Size :  1 ( Solo Project )

Project Duration :  4 Weeks 

My MetaHuman Portrait


MetaHuman Creator provides a very advanced character modeling approach. By blending scanned faces with different features, users can create a realistic face through simple click and drag, including adjustable skin, teeth and hair. MetaHumans come fully rigged and ready to animate in any game or movie projects. Curious about the new technology, I tested how efficient the MHC would be to create a digital human.

Working Process

Photos of Myself


Blending My Face


Fully Rigged Body


Details Rendering

Advanced Practice

This practice is intended to transform a 2D animation character into a 3D image.

Askeladd is an antagonist of Vinland Saga

Create A 3D Character Face 

Making Clothes

Creating Textures

Armor and Sword

Final Rendering


In my tests, the MetaHuman performed very well in real time rendering. In close-up shots, we can even see the character’s pores, facial fluff and other details. In addition, it takes only twenty minutes to complete the workload of two or three weeks in the traditional workflow, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. The only shortcoming is that the face blending is based on real scanned faces, so there will be some restrictions when adjusting, but I believe this problem will be solved in the future.

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