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Software :  UE4 | Maya | World Creator

Role :  Environment Artist | VFX Artist

Team Size :  2 ( Cooperation )

Project Duration :  3 Weeks 


Rising Stone is a concept animation completed during the internship in GAEA. The earth is under meteorites attack, people can only keep migrating in order to survive. At this time, a mysterious hero suddenly appeared to fight against the meteorites with his strong power.


We initially wanted to design an animated short film, with a very short time to portray a huge worldview. To make the content easily capture the audience, we chose the hero theme. Also in order to add more mystery to the hero and leave the audience with suspense, the whole story is told from the perspective of

a kid in an ordinary family. Thus more reflecting the greatness of the hero.

Character Design

The Migratory Family

The Hero

Working Process

The terrain is full of craters of different sizes

Meteorites Effects in Niagara

Shockwave Dynamic Material

Final Shot


In this project, I focused on making various special effects and designing stylized scenes. As a short film that took only three weeks from draft to completion, I think it has met our expectations. At the same time,

I learned the new particle system Niagara in UE4, which will ensure that the content of my future works can be more fascinating and attractive.

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