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Sword & Magic

Software :  UE4 | Maya | Daz 3D | Photoshop

Role :  Game Designer | Programmer

Team Size :  2 ( Cooperation )

Project Duration :  6 Weeks

Sword & Magic

*Note : the map was from Unreal Marketplace, characters were from Daz and Mixamo


Sword & Magic is a VR game based on UE4 and HTC Vive devices. The player will play the role of a powerful mage to defend against the invading enemies in medieval villages. The core interaction of the game is to release magic or swing the sword through gestures.


Everyone has a heroic dream. In my childhood fantasy, I hoped that I can be a powerful mage to fight for justice. So I created this game, the purpose is to use VR to enter the world of my childhood dreams, to experience the thrill of killing enemies in First-person perspective. Besides, it’s also very interesting to make the world in my mind become a real game that allows other people to see and participate.

Working Process

Using the blueprints has eased my programming difficulties, making it easy for me to implement the features I want. The function above is to let the enemy sense player's position and move towards it.

Art Style


The graphic style is realistic and the colors are dark and gloomy, because the immersive environment allows players to feel nervous and excited like they are personally in the scene.


The best way to experience role-playing games is to allow players make choices by themselves, rather than feeling that they are manipulating other characters to complete the task. In this aspect, VR can provide an immersive environment to play inside. Meanwhile, the HTC Vive controllers can bring a feeling of holding sword or wand to attack enemies. Therefore, using VR is an interesting attempt to present the game.

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