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Software :  UE4 | Maya | Substance Painter | Photoshop

Role :  Game Designer | Concept Artist | Environment Artist | Modeler

Team Size :  8 ( Cooperation )

Project Duration :  1 Year ( One day per week )


This game is about racing & shooting, which was created by a team led by me. Our members came from different majors, and we spent every Friday of a year working together to complete the game.

Working Process

Concept Design




Working in the studio


Game Test

Game Scene


The whole level was designed by myself ( *Model assets were downloaded online )


This project related many design and programming tasks, which needed a lot of self-study to understand the software and pipeline. For me, the biggest challenge was not at the technical level, but coordination and management. Dealing with multiple tasks such as assigning tasks to my group members, outlining and designing the project, I made our plans in advance and checked every detail in a methodical way. Eventually, we completed the game successfully. With this amazing experience, I came to a realization that teamwork and efficient leadership hold a key to success. Moreover, it was through this experience that I have become acquainted with Unreal Engine, gained hands-on experience with visual programming and strengthened my understanding towards game making as well. 

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