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Truck Simulation

Software :  UE4 | Maya | Substance Painter | Photoshop | Megascans | TerreSculptor

Role :  Environment Artist | Modeler | Texture Artist | Technical Artist

Team Size :  3 ( Cooperation )

Project Duration :  3 Months

I-10 Highway Scenario


Building the I-10 highway in Arizona from scratch was my first task after joining TuSimple. For the first time, I had to create a super large map that was consistent with the real world, including the location of street lights and traffic signs, which brought me a lot of limitations and challenges.

Working Process

There are many difficulties to consider in this task. Such as terrain height maps, high-precision materials, spline mesh actors, time control, weather control, etc. I had to solve these problems step by step.


We used height map data from the as well as tiled HD maps to ensure that our terrain and road positions were accurate. We also used World Composition to load and unload tiled map files during play.

Landscape Material.png

The landscape material is made up of several material functions


Google Maps and point cloud data helped us create models and put them in the right place


Texturing Our Truck

Final Scene


Real Photo References

Our Render Output

Rain Control System

Application Scenario

Complicated Rain Materials


In this project, I was responsible for all the art work. From the creation of various models and realistic PBR materials, to the construction of the entire highway scenario and some dynamic effects. This experience allowed me to systematically learn many kinds of skills involved in the production of open world. Besides, there are many other contents in this project that I haven't introduced in detail, such as the LiDAR function implemented with our programmers, the optimization of scene performance and so on, which have further strengthened my cognition of how to become a qualified technical artist.

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